Scar Treatment

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Scar Treatment
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What is Scar Treatment?

Regardless of whether the incisions caused by surgical procedures or accidents in our bodies are healed spontaneously or sutured during the recovery stage, the scars will always be persistent. The scar is the reaction of the skin to the injury and forms after the healing process. If these incisions heal spontaneously, the scars will be much more visible. However, if the incision is sutured appropriately in the early term and regular wound care is maintained, the scars will be minimized and barely seen.
The scars of aesthetic surgeries are also persistent. However, since the incisions are controlled and sutured properly and the scars are designed for the hidden areas; they will not be seen. The scars vary depending on the genetics, region, age, race, skin type, and health status of the individual. The scars in the facial area heal well, whereas the scars in certain areas, particularly as anterior chest wall, heal poorly. Additionally, incisions that are parallel to the body lines heal well, whereas the vertical ones remain visible. In some people scars may heal to an extent that they cannot be seen, whereas they may be red and visible in others. The main purpose of scar treatment is to prevent scars before they get worse. Therefore, postoperative wound care, the use of scar creams recommended by the doctor, and the use of sunscreens and moisturizers are very important.

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