Laser Epilation

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Laser Epilation
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What Is Laser Epilation?

Laser treatment in dermatology is mostly used for the removal of stains on the skin, tattoo removal, and varicose vein treatments. However, laser treatment is mostly preferred for the removal of body hair. A small minority of the population has hormonal issues which hinder them from getting laser epilation treatment for their body hair, as the hormones enable the body to grow hair. To battle this, hormonal treatments are advised while also getting laser epilation treatment at the same time.
The laser system targets the roots of hair follicles by applying high heat in milliseconds. Parts that are outside of the hair roots are not harmed since the laser only aims for the hair. During the treatment, a slight amount of a burning sensation can be felt. However, using anaesthetic cremes before the treatment and cooling systems during the treatment can reduce the pain to a minimum. The ability to tolerate pain varies from person to person. Every part of the body can be treated with laser epilation. The amount of hair is different between men and women. It also changes throughout each body part. The laser devices are capable of delivering the required amount of laser shots and heat depending on each individual’s colour of skin and also the type and colour of their hair. Thus, laser epilation is suitable for everyone.

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