Dr. Tolga Temel

Natural Beauty and Wellness

Functional Medicine and Holistic Approach

A natural beauty and a healthy life is possible with the help of scientific methods and modern devices when we consider our body with a holistic perspective, including skin and aesthetic problems.

About Me

Dr. Tolga Temel

After graduating from Osmangazi University Faculty of Medicine, I started my career in Kastamonu Kaşçiler Health Center in 1996 and today I continue my career at the Natural Beauty and Wellness Center that I am the founder of in Antalya Lara.

I took many different positions in professional associations, public health institutions and private health institutions, and each task gave me a different experience and perspective.

The trainings I received and the observations I gained in the clinical studies I participated in made me question my Classical Medical Education perspective and actually turned to the Holistic Medicine perspective that was basically taught to us but was neglected later …


In the Holistic Medicine approach, which stands out today, where preventive medicine is gaining importance, the body is considered as a whole and personalized programs are prepared and followed by examining genetic factors, living environment conditions, lifestyle and habits. The aim of the holistic medicine approach is to protect the person from these diseases before they occur. In individuals with chronic diseases, on the other hand, with holistic medicine, it is aimed to reduce the complaints of the individual and to make him a more energetic, peaceful and more productive individual. The functional medicine physician should work in coordination with specialist physicians in other branches who follow up on the chronic disease. Dr. Tolga Temel serves his patients in his private practice in the field of functional medicine in Antalya. You can contact us for detailed information.