Spot Treatment

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Spot Treatment
Tolga Temel -

What is Spot Treatment?

The pigment called melanin determines the skin colour of people. The skin gets darker based on the melanin content; increased content of pigment melanin causes sun spots, ageing spots, and pregnancy spots (melasma). Furthermore, long-term sun exposure also makes the skin get older and provides a basis for wrinkles.
When these spots become visible, they may also be undesirable. Everybody dreams to get rid of them. After the detailed skin analysis is conducted at the clinic, we will help you with this. But one should never forget that it is impossible to completely get rid of the spots. You should repeat your therapy every year because spots re-occur when they are exposed to sunlight. With regular treatments, they never go back to their worst state. Sun protection is the most critical part of the therapy. Therefore we can not perform the treatments in summer. In the summer months, only maintenance sessions can be allowed under strict control. Additionally, a daily supplement of vitamin C and antioxidants are recommended. At the same time, it is very important to maintain the moisture balance of the skin. If cosmetical moisturizers are not enough to keep the skin hydrated hyaluronic acid injections can be done for optimal results.

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